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Amazing Christmas Tree

Amazing Christmas Tree

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Dazzle your eyes and experience the magic of Christmas!

A tree without needles is barren - until you add magic water!

Pour the included magic water into the tray base of the tree. Six hours later you'll return to find a bushy and beautiful Christmas tree!

Set the star on top and string the branches with the chain of red beads. Sprinkle on some glitter and fa-la-la-la-lah!

Excitement grows quickly with your tree, (and a little science curiosity too!)

Christmas is the season for miracles.

Amazing Christmas Tree

  • Grow a Christmas tree with magic water
  • Bare tree grows bushy with full branches
  • Grows in 6 hours
  • Magically, white or green foliage grows, (color selection not available)
  • Includes: magic water, tree in tray stand, glitter, star, garland
  • Foliage crystals are delicate, handle with care
  • Beautiful and festive tree

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