Photo of the front of The Anger Management Box.
An image of the materials included in The Anger Management Box.
An example image from The Anger Management Box, talking about “angry feelings”.
Sample cards from The Anger Management Box.
A photo of a sample activity from The Anger Management Box.
Photo of the back of The Anger Management Box.

The Anger Management Box

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Manage anger in 5 easy steps: recognize your anger, control your emotions, understand the causes, face your problems, and reflect on your attitudes.

Each step is paired with a fun activity that helps explain the steps to children in age-appropriate ways and helps them grasp and internalize the lessons. Complicated emotions - simple activities: Transforms therapeutic concepts into easy-to-understand activities that children and adults can perform together or independently.

Teaches Life-long Skills: Teaches emotional control techniques that are essential to good mental health and that can be used from childhood through adulthood.

Kit Includes:

  • 5 instruction cards
  • 2 tubs of air dry putty
  • Deck of 52 anger management cards
  • 50 sheets assorted color origami paper
  • DIY wooden catapult
  • 50 sheet bad mood buster notepad

Ages 4+