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  • New Vendor: Stemcell Science

    Nitinol is a unique alloy of nickel and titanium that exhibits a fascinating property known as shape memory. This means that the metal can be deformed at one temperature and then return to its original shape at another temperature.

  • Magical Geode Surprize Ball

    Unwind colorful crepe ribbon layers to discover a variety of 4 gemstone prizes including: amethyst, pearl, genuine meteorite, crystal, rose quartz & more. Prizes & colors vary. For Adults & Kids age 3+ - small parts. Handmade by artisans USA

  • New Museum Nerd Release

    Alicia Schultz is the talented designer behind the latest release of Museum Nerd. She is both a hand letterer and illustrator, using her skills to transform words into beautiful and inspiring works of art. Her unique use of color and hand-drawn style creates a inspirational result that is truly one of a kind.