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Crystal Growing Experiment

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Explore crystal formation as you grow your very own edible rock candy crystals! This unique crystal kit is an excellent science toy and a memorable scientific experiment for kids; it uses pure sucrose (table sugar) and "seeded" crystal growing sticks to make large, beautiful, DIY rock candy crystals in just one week.

This rock candy kit comes with:

  • one pound of pure sucrose for clear crystals, 
  • seed crystal sticks for growing your crystals, 
  • a glass jar, 
  • and an instruction booklet (which is an excellent, short educational study guide) 

Add food coloring if you want your crystals to be colorful, and watch in amazement as your rock candy grows in the saturated solution to its full size in just seven days! The experiment instructions include enough information on crystals to make this a nice unit study. You provide adult supervision, a saucepan, and water.