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Celestial Buddies

Earth Buddy Space Plush

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Don't miss out on this stellar opportunity to bring the cosmos to your customer's hands. Order Earth Buddy now and let the Valentines shine as bright as the stars above! Make this spring season an interstellar experience by gifting your little ones with Earth Buddy, the lovable space explorer!

I’m Earthy, the most famous toy in the universe! In March 2019, I joined the SpaceX Crew Dragon and launched to the International Space Station as a "super hi-tech zero gravity indicator." The astronauts loved me so much that I stayed on board for over 500 days!


Fun facts tag.
Seated plush planet earth toy height approx 6”.
Made of all new materials, fill: Polyester Fiber.
Conforms to all EU & US CPSC Toy Regulations.
Ages 0+.
Spot clean.