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Celestial Buddies

Moon Buddy Space Plush

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Meet Moon Buddy – Your Adorable Celestial Pal! Bring a piece of the cosmos into customers homes with Moon Buddy!

I’m Moon Buddy, a cute grey celestial companion! Little Earth and I are besties! I make for an ideal celestial companion for little space enthusiasts. Pair me with my bestie, Earthy, and explore the wonders of the universe together. I am the Earth’s only natural satellite, held in orbit by a mutual attraction to Earth’s gravity. My craters are represented by spots on my surface. I’m excited for NASA’s Team Artemis to visit me again by 2024!


Fun facts tag.
Seated toy height is approx 5”.
Made of all new materials, fill: Polyester Fiber.
Conforms to all EU & US CPSC Toy Regulations.
Ages 0+.
Spot clean.