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  • Inside image of the Perpetual Desk Calendar.
  • Closer image of the Perpetual Desk Calendar, with month and day set.
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Perpetual Desk Calendar

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Is it a calendar? Yes. Is it a game? Yes. Is it the perfect way to put off work for a few more minutes? Yes. This perpetual calendar by Brass Monkey is as challenging as Steve in finance…but way more entertaining. Start each day moving this puzzle around to get the stainless steel balls inside to land on that day’s date, month, and day of the week. It’s literally a new game every day. Keeps track of everything but the year (but we think you can handle that one on your own).

Includes three .25″ diameter stainless steel balls to mark the day, month, and day of the week…once you roll them there.
Features a black wooden design (with a glass top to keep the balls inside).
Under the glass, the four-color artwork highlights 50 recessed spots for the balls to land.
Calendar measures 4.75″ square (and 1″ deep, btw).