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  • Built version of “PLAY-DECO Wooden Greeting Card” saying Congratulations.
  • Perforated wooden greeting card saying Congratulations.
  • Back version of “PLAY-DECO Wooden Greeting Card” saying Congratulations.
  • Message section of the Congratulations wooden greeting card.
  • Wooden pieces from the Congratulations greeting card.
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PLAY-DECO Wooden Greeting Card - Congratulations

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Write a personal note on the mini message card and send it along with the wood board using the envelope included in the package. The recipient can simply pop out the letters and in a few minutes assemble them together without glue or tape to build a messenger robot that can even hold your note! Available in three colors (pink / orange / green) of Happy Birthday, Congratulations and Thank You. Also available as souvenirs from cities - San Francisco featuring Golden Gate Bridge and New York City featuring the Statue of Liberty. Assembled size (estimate) : 1.2" x 1.2" x 2"