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  • Cover image design for “Silurian Journey: Adventures in a Prehistoric World” family book.
  • Example image of the Eurypterids spread pages from “Silurian Journey”.
  • Images from the Echinoderms spread pages from “Silurian Journey”.
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Paleontological Research Institution

Silurian Journey: Adventures in a Prehistoric World

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Have you ever wondered what the Earth was like 444 million years ago? The second book in a new series, this 44-page paperback children's book takes readers on an adventure to the Silurian sea. The first half of the book features art by Alana McGillis, the illustrator of our previous children's books Daring to Dig and Into the Ordovician. The second half of the book highlights fossil specimens and the stories of real-life scientists who study the Silurian.

Join our friends from the Silurian Period for an exciting adventure through time! Get ready to explore prehistoric reefs and tussle with mighty sea scorpions. What new adaptations will change life on earth forever?

Paperback, 44 pages